RailCam™ is a precision engineered German camera tracking system created by RTS (Rail & Tracking Systems, GmbH.)  It is the fastest, safest, and most versatile tracking system on the market.  Railcam can be hung from the ceiling, sat on the floor, driven on straight track, curved track, or any combination of both,

RailCam’s dolly car is fully captured.  That means the wheels are completely wrapped around the rails, making it impossible for the car to ever  drive off the track.  This makes it an incredibly safe track, whether it is hanging in the air or sitting on the ground, traveling at up to 55mph.

RailCam has an incredible propriatary internal cable management system.  That means no sloppy cables pulled from the dolly car alongside the track.  All camera and control cables are pulled on the inside of  the track, free from any possiblilty of snagging on people or objects.  This is not only safer, but a much cleaner look for your production.  While RailCam has  the option for wireless, we prefer the robust reliablilty of a seamless and zero delay hard-wire control system.


RailCam™ track can be assembled as a curve, straight, or any combination of either.  This gives us the ability to wrap in and around sets and stage designs.  Custom curves can also be made to specifically fit your needs.


RAILCAM™ can be hung upside down for overhead shots. It maintains it's internal cable management in hanging mode.


The SlotCam™ accessory allows moving cameras to slide between pieces of stage.  This is great as it provides low visual obstruction on the stage as well as allowing the performers to freely walk over the track.  Think reverse shots or front of stage shots with a center thrust.  The thrust needs only a thin gap and SlotCam™ can pass right through allowing for a dolly shot the entire width of the stage.  SlotCam™ can also be added to the top of RailTower™ for a tracking tower through a slot in the stage.

RailCam Turbo™

RailCam Turbo™ is a RailCam™  option that delivers breathtaking acceleration and speed.  Think sprinting at the olympics. With the RailCam Turbo™ option you can follow models down a 100' runway and reset back to the beginning in 3 seconds to start another pass.