RopeCam™ is an overhead tracking system with a traveling winch that lowers and raises a gyro stabilized camera system via two ropes.  The system is created by RTS (Rail & Tracking Systems, GmbH.) with the highest level of German safety and precision.  This is not your typical four point flying rig as it occupies an in-line, linear air space.  This leaves the airspace open for spot lights or swinging jib arms etc.  The track is hard mounted to truss, making this a very robust and secure overhead system approved in many venues that do not normally allow flying systems.  As with all of our overhead systems, RopeCam™ has undergone rigorous safety testing and has been certified by the TÜV International Safety Group   With a full hard-wired internal cable management system and stabilized head, this system flies your camera with reliable control and zero delay.  There is no need to rent any costly external wireless video or control systems.